Women's football gains momentum in Cameroon with 'The League for Equality’
Women's football gains momentum in Cameroon with 'The League for Equality’
  • FUNDACIÓN LaLiga, LaLiga Women’s Football, and Petrichor Football Association launch the first under-13s and under-15s girls' football league in Cameroon.
  • More than 200 girls and 40 coaches will be part of this project which includes a training program developed by LaLiga.

With the aim of promoting women's football, Petrichor and LaLiga, through its Foundation and its women's football department, have joined forces to create a football league aimed at girls for girls under 13 and 15 years of age, from February to May of this year, in the central region of Cameroon, the city of Yaoundé, where the vast majority of matches are played.

This collaboration provides an extraordinary opportunity for the youngsters, and especially girls, to be part of a real football league and enjoy all aspects of the sport. This will not only give them the opportunity to travel, meet other teams, compete, build their character, develop their skills, but also to express themselves, be valued and treated equally through football.

As part of this collaboration, LaLiga will offer 3 high-level training sessions to more than 30 Cameroonian women coaches. The project is being run by both Tresor Penku, LaLiga’s delegate in Cameroon, and PFA’s management which is run by Jordan Cone and Paul Dreisbach. The Petrichor teams involved in this collaboration will be Green City, Regina FA, Social du Mbam, T7 and Petrichor Elite.

“At Petrichor we are excited about the idea of partnering with LaLiga to organize an innovative women's football league and to offer training courses for women coaches by LaLiga. LA LIGUE D'ÉGALITÉ (The League for Equality) will provide all the equipment, logistics and media for this 5-team league to reach over 200 young players and over 40 female coaches”, comments Paul Dreisbach, president of Petrichor.

“Petrichor is pleased to work with LaLiga to provide leadership opportunities and build confidence through sport, which will have a positive impact in hundreds of girls from Cameroon. The founders of Petrichor, Paul Dreisbach and Jordan Cone, together with the representative of LaLiga, Tresor Penku, believe in the power of sport to change lives and look forward to projects that achieve a strong impact. Future leaders They are all around us and we are excited about our responsibility to educate them through our sports programs”, added.

In this regard, Trésor Penku, LaLiga's delegate in Central Africa, explains: “This is an excellent initiative and a big step forward for women's football in Cameroon. LaLiga is firmly committed to giving back to society what society has given us and this is one of those projects that we are particularly proud to launch, as it paves the way for equal opportunities in the development of football for boys and girls. Training sessions for local coaches, mostly women, make this project very complete. In this way, many women who want to pursue a career as professional trainers will have access to top-level content. We are convinced that this is the beginning of a great journey for women's football in Cameroon.”

For her part, Olga de la Fuente, director of FUNDACIÓN LaLiga, is enthusiastic about this project. “For FUNDACIÓN LaLiga it is a great satisfaction to be able to participate in a program that pursues social inclusion and gender equality. Likewise, with this project we seek to promote sport as a necessary instrument for the creation of an environment in which talents flourish and both boys and girls have the same opportunities”, she concludes.

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