‘Saldremos Juntos’: The unique initiative of Atlético de Madrid’s Saúl Ñíguez during COVID-19
‘Saldremos Juntos’: The unique initiative of Atlético de Madrid’s Saúl Ñíguez during COVID-19
  • The player is leading a solidarity movement to which footballers, public figures and LaLiga have joined.
  • The project aims to help small businesses, freelancers and professionals affected by the ongoing health crisis, offering the maximum possible resources to help businesses to recover.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made a deep impact in Spain, a country that is entering its third week of enforced quarantine in order to fight the spread of the disease. Across the country, this has caused many sectors of society, including football, to stop activity and many others have had to slow the rhythm of business drastically.

These measures can make a significant impact on local and global economies. In Spain, like many other countries, there is significant concern over how smaller businesses will cope. This concern has given rise to a new solidarity initiative, designed by Atlético de Madrid player Saúl Ñíguez.

The initiative, called ‘Saldremos Juntos’ (we will come out of this together), has been created with the aim of providing the maximum possible resources for small businesses, freelancers and professionals who are economically being hit hardest by the current pandemic. In just a few days, the idea has spread rapidly and already has the support of other colleagues from the football world such as Sergio Busquets, Álvaro Morata, Óliver Torres, Rubén García and Miguel Ángel Moyá.

The resources offered by ‘Saldremos Juntos’
This platform will create an economic support fund for those businesses most in need and will provide creative solutions to promote them, using its growing network of celebrity backers.

These supporters, which include basketball players, racing drivers, actors, actresses, influencers, journalists and large companies, as well as footballers, will help to create marketing actions that increase visibility and sales. When everyday life has been resumed, companies will be joined together with public figures in order to find a solution to their problem.


While the quarantine lasts, all those who wish can ask for help on the website www.saldremosjuntos.com and benefit from this solidarity action that seeks to bring some positivity during a difficult time for many.

LaLiga and its clubs also join the project
LaLiga has added its own support for 'Saldremos Juntos' through 'LaLigaSantander Fest', the charity festival held on March 28 and broadcast in 182 different countries. By bringing together top musicians and sports stars, it successfully raised over €1 million to help fight COVID -19. Part of the proceeds from this event will go to the Saúl Ñíguez project. 

“I want to LaLiga and all the clubs for their contribution to the Saldremos Juntos project,” Ñíguez said. “Together, we will come out of this stronger. The important thing is that everyone contributes their grain of sand to help SMEs and the self-employed to return to normalcy as soon as possible. It does not matter who is the first, what is relevant is that the more ambassadors, companies and institutions join, the better.”

The league is currently running a series of different charitable activations, as part of the ‘LaLiga is played at home’ campaign. Aside from the recent music festival, this also includes the FIFA 20 tournament #LaLigaSantanderChallenge which successfully raised over €190,000 for UNICEF.

Óscar Mayo, director of Business and International Development at LaLiga, added: “In these moments of health crisis, football has a great obligation to the fans. It is time to give back to society what it gives to football every weekend from the stands. We want to join together all the solidarity initiatives that arise during this time so that, with our international presence, we can give added visibility.

Ñíguez added: “Everyone’s duty is to stay at home for the common good and in order to stop this pandemic from spreading. We do not know when this will end, but what we do know is that we will come out of it together. We give strength and help each other, so that the most affected know that there will always be a way out and that no one will ever be alone.”

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