The LaLiga competition that strengthens connections between broadcasters and viewers
  • This season’s LaLiga Experience will see broadcasters run the global ‘LaLiga Ultimate Xpert’ challenge to find the biggest experts of the competition.
  • Profiling a different club each matchday, broadcasters have 20 new opportunities to deepen engagement with subscribers across broadcast and social platforms.

LaLiga and its broadcast partners are teaming up to find the ‘LaLiga Ultimate Xpert’ through a competition that will bring rights holders even closer to their subscribers. 

Between December and May, 20 contests will be run by the broadcasters that focus on the different clubs of LaLiga Santander, with prizes including club shirts and footballs to be won. The top ‘Xperts’ from each region can also win a trip to Spain for an exclusive footballing experience. 

This competition is the latest edition of LaLiga Experience, the initiative that brings the full sensation of Spanish football to a global audience. In previous seasons, LaLiga organised experiences with lucky subscribers, journalists and influencers who visited stadiums, LaLiga matches and took part in cultural visits to Spanish cities, creating memorable programming. 


This season, with such trips unable to take place, the focus is on identifying the biggest Spanish football supporters around the world. 

“This year, given the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve adapted,” explained María José Silva, the Head of LaLiga Experience. "We did so alongside broadcast partners, who we consult regularly to get their feedback on our campaigns and their suggestions for the future. They really liked the idea of ‘LaLiga Ultimate Xpert’ and believe LaLiga is providing added value, compared to what other competitions are doing.”


For broadcasters, the contest is a way to reward the loyalty of their current subscribers, reach a wider number of viewers and boost engagement. “We’re looking to grow broadcasters’ audience numbers for the matches and for other programmes, which will be possible because viewers will have to pay close attention to the questions to be able to participate,” Silva continued. “In a similar way, engagement on social media increases because of the weekly prizes and exclusive content being offered.”

Flexibility for the broadcasters 
The format of the competition sees a different Spanish football star, either a current player or a LaLiga Ambassador, ask a question each week about the team that is being highlighted in that matchday. These questions are asked in video format, with broadcasters receiving one longer version that includes additional content and one shorter video designed for sharing on social media.

To allow for maximum flexibility and ease, broadcasters can decide exactly how they want to run their competition. Winners can be determined via a random lottery, the quickest reply, filmed quizzes, or the entry that earns the most social media engagement, for example. 

Subscribers wishing to enter must include the official hashtag #LaLigaUltimateXpert along with their answer.  

“It offers added TV exposure for clubs while providing an opportunity for viewers to demonstrate the connection they have built to LaLiga,” said Silva. “We know that there are groups of fans for Spanish clubs in all countries and this helps broadcasters give those supporters more profile.”


The contest began this month and will run for 20 matchdays during the remainder of the season. “In terms of visibility for clubs and original content creation, it’s the most complete project we’ve run to date,” Silva added. 

Visual materials and insights from the data
Individual video calls with each broadcaster were held in the run-up to the launch of ‘LaLiga Ultimate Xpert’ to assist each one in the design of their action plan. 

“We offer broadcasters all kinds of material, from the visual resources and videos to the competition prizes to suggestions for the format of how to run their contests,” Silva continued.

The visual content is made available in the original Spanish or with an English voiceover, while the content has also been translated and subtitled into various other languages. 

As the 20 weeks progress, LaLiga and the broadcasters will study the data to ensure that this initiative is being fully optimised. 


“It might be different for each broadcaster and we’ll look at the data to determine which platforms are working best,” Silva noted. “We have considered how competitions are usually run in different countries but through studying audience participation we will get the best indication of how to move forward.”

Xpert-generated content in 2021/22
Once the 20 weeks of the contest are over, LaLiga Ultimate Xpert plans to enter a new stage that celebrates the biggest Spanish football followers from across the world while creating more new content for broadcasters.

The competition winners will have the chance to win a trip to Spain during the 2021/22 season to take part in a series of exclusive activations with LaLiga clubs, as well as eSports challenges and cultural tours. A grand finale to determine the world’s top LaLiga Xpert is also in consideration.

“The viewers are the heart of our competition, whether inside the stadiums or watching thousands of miles away,” Silva concluded. “Bringing them into our storytelling is an authentic way to strengthen the links between the league, clubs, broadcasters and the competition’s global fanbase.”

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