LaLiga and T3N Sport & Investment are building a pioneering sports complex in Madrid
LaLiga and T3N Sport & Investment are building a pioneering sports complex in Madrid
  • The complex will include football pitches, an education centre and residential facilities.
  • The site will include the participation of another major sports body and is expected to operational by summer 2021.

LaLiga and T3N Sport & Investment have begun to build a new sports complex in Madrid, representing a milestone in the development of sport in Spain. Supporting on- and off-the-pitch activities, the site will provide football pitches, an education centre and residences for all stakeholders related to the sports industry. The construction, which will become the official LaLiga sports centre in Spain, forms part of a 15-year collaboration agreement between the two entities.

The sports complex is in the El Bosque Residential Park, 20 minutes from the centre of Madrid and is expected to be operational by the summer of 2021. It will also include the participation of another internationally renowned sports property that will bring its knowledge and experience to add further value to the initiative. More details about the participation of this partner in the project will be announced later.

“It is the first privately owned multi-use centre that will help the sports industry from a training, residential and sporting perspective, creating synergies with other facilities that LaLiga already has around the world, for example, in China, Dubai and soon Vietnam, among others,” commented Óscar Mayo, Director of Business, Marketing and International Development at LaLiga.


This initiative will become a pioneering model for the sports sector in Spain, hosting all types of sports and training projects - both national and international - in a single space. It will facilitate sports and training projects, branding actions, commercial strategies and a wide range of different events. 

There will be an international school and classrooms for learning and training purposes; facilities that LaLiga will also make available to clubs, partners, and other entities related to education and sports. 

"This is a unique project in the world right now, added David Pampliega, Managing Partner of T3N Sport & Investment. “In addition to having the support and collaboration of the most important football brand in existence, we will soon be able to announce the incorporation of one of the world’s most influential sports institutions."

Other facilities will include basketball courts, a gym, a swimming pool, dining rooms, games rooms, a library and residential facilities for 450 people.

"These complexes will become indispensable platforms for any sports institution that seeks to develop international training projects," said Kiyomi Cerezo, CEO of T3N Sport & Investment.

“One of LaLiga's primary objectives is to help the development of sport and with this project we offer a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of the industry, with special emphasis on our stakeholders,” Mayo concluded. 

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