LaLiga, Motorpress Ibérica and LVP combine to create Innovation in Sports Management Course
LaLiga, Motorpress Ibérica and LVP combine to create Innovation in Sports Management Course
  • Accredited by LaLiga Business School, the course will be taught over a duration of five weeks.
  • It will cover the main areas of interest for the present and future of sport, including transforming management models and innovation.

The sports industry is, just like other industries, going through a period of transformation when it comes to its management models with technology at the heart of the change. To help others to adapt, LaLiga, Motorpress Ibérica and Mediapro’s Liga de Videojuegos Profesional (LVP), the Professional Video Games League, have joined to launch the Innovation in Sports Management Course. 

In this course, students will be taught by professionals from all three entities about how the industry is tackling digital disruption and strengthening its management models to improve efficiency and resilience. 

With a 360º view of sport, the course will address comprehensive management and innovation from three very different perspectives that are, in fact, complementary: football and entertainment with LaLiga, mass participation events with Motorpress Ibérica and the booming sector of eSports with LVP.

An ability to innovate and to adapt to change is not only necessary for the future, but also in the present in order to take on the challenges of the sports industry. LaLiga, Motorpress Ibérica and LVP decided to join forces, talents and case studies in order to share experiences, identify best practices and to put forward a management model that is efficient, sustainable and resilient. 

As José Moya, the director of LaLiga Business School, said: “This course represents another step forward in LaLiga’s significant backing of education and training. With a future that is more uncertain and more complex than ever, it’s vital that both current and future professionals in our industry know how to get ahead of the major changes that both large and small sporting entities will experience in the coming years. This can pave the way for a new era for sport in Spain and internationally.”

The course, which will be taught at the LaLiga headquarters in Madrid, will last 60 hours and be spread over five weeks. Due to begin on March 1, it will cover topics such as business management, the diversification of revenue, sponsorship and new technologies. 

“The pandemic has been a great challenge for sporting events but at the same time it can be a great opportunity,” added Fran Chico, the director of sports at Motorpress Ibérica. “Nothing will be the same as before, but the experiences that sports offer will become even more important in our lives. While preserving the values that make sports such a pillar of our society, it’s time to get innovative.”

Jordi Soler, the CEO of LVP, added: “Video game competitions have become a further entertainment option for millions of people around the world, who are seeing their idols and favourite teams participating in tournaments such as League of Legends, CS:GO or FIFA. This course is a golden opportunity to train eSports professionals and to help identify the major opportunities present in this continually growing industry.”

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