LaLiga and Ameripol partner to tackle crime and violence in football
LaLiga and Ameripol partner to tackle crime and violence in football
  • Spanish league will share best practices, resources and materials with the American police cooperation.
  • International collaboration will help the wider footballing community to ensure the best security and anti-corruption measures.

Police forces in the Americas are set to benefit from a new partnership between The Police Community of the Americas (Ameripol) and LaLiga. An agreement to exchange knowledge and best practices was signed by both parties in the presence of various police and military officials from the Americas and from Spain.

Thanks to this collaboration, there will be an exchange of training methods, advice, materials and resources between the two organisations to enhance their respective policies. Using the years of knowledge it has accumulated in this area, LaLiga will share relevant information on how to fight corruption in sport, including tips for monitoring betting markets and how to carry out investigations into suspicious activity.

For Ameripol – an international police cooperation that operates across North, Central and South America – this alliance comes as a major boost in its efforts to ensure clean and safe football matches across the region.


“This agreement represents an opportunity to work with LaLiga, an organisation that now becomes a strategic partner for us,” Ameripol president Gerardo José Otero said. “LaLiga’s expertise will help us fulfil our commitment to service. Through this alliance, we’ll look to make football safer and to ensure the integrity of the sport.”

Having created and managed anti-corruption and violence measures for many years in Spain, LaLiga intends to use this expertise to help the wider international football community. In partnering with Ameripol, which itself has been in operation for over 12 years, it will further strengthen its ability to keep lawbreakers out of the sport.

“LaLiga will, through this agreement, offer to Ameripol our complete collaboration and will share knowledge related to security matters and the fight against sporting fraud,” LaLiga President Javier Tebas said of the partnership. “Our main goal is to join forces and to keep fighting for a football that is fairer and safer for all of society.”

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