How CD Leganés converted their Business Club into a unique digital community by launching an exclusive app
How CD Leganés converted their Business Club into a unique digital community by launching an exclusive app
  • The LaLiga SmartBank club partnered with Bundeling to provide all members of their Business Club with access to an app that makes networking even easier.
  • The app was presented during a recent Business Club trip, with members immediately impressed by its possibilities.

CD Leganés is not unique in having a Business Club, where the institution’s sponsors and partners can come together. But Leganes, have taken their offering to the next level by providing an exclusive app to all the companies that form part of this community. By working with communication specialists Bundeling to build and launch this app, CD Leganés are offering their Business Club members the chance to network and collaborate at the touch of a button.

CD Leganés were immediately intrigued when the possibility of working with Bundeling came up. As the club’s marketing director Víctor Marín explained: “At CD Leganés, we are always willing to listen to new companies and opportunities that may come up. In this case, we met members of Bundeling who presented their app to us. When we met them, we instantly realised that it was a perfect fit for our Business Club and that it would help us fulfil one of our objectives of creating closeness and synergies within this community. From our point of view, our football club is often commended for being at the forefront when it comes to new trends, and we wanted our Business Club to also be distinctive in this regard.”


The idea behind the launch of the Business Club was to create an ecosystem of local businesses who care about football fans and the community. To ensure this ecosystem thrives, the LaLiga SmartBank club have organised many events, but now it’ll be easier than ever for these companies to network remotely.

Marín continued: “This app allows the members of our Business Club to connect not only with the club but also with each other. It allows us to create a digital community where the members can connect with other entrepreneurs, sign up for Business Club activities, download digital tickets for matches and, ultimately, become part of a living ecosystem that was created by and for them.”

It was during an in-person event that CD Leganés presented the app to the Business Club members, as the club organised a visit to one of club sponsor Mahou’s factories.


A club that looks after its sponsors

At CD Leganés, there is a clear understanding of the need to build authentic relationships with sponsors and to allow them to develop synergies among each other. By offering more modern and personal packages, the club managed to renew with more than 90 percent of the brands that were sponsoring it, even through the coronavirus pandemic and through the first team’s 2020 relegation from LaLiga Santander to LaLiga SmartBank.

Discussing the way sponsorship in football is changing, Marín added: “Over the years, the professionalisation of companies’ marketing departments has seen their requests in terms of sponsorship change. They more and more frequently seek returns in the digital sphere and, as a club and with our communication department at the head, we have been adapting so that we can offer businesses an impact not only in the physical world but also in the digital world, where our members interact with us every day. There are digital assets, e-mailing, sponsored videos, etc. There are new opportunities to be closer to these fans.”

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