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Popular trends that come with complex logistical challenges
Popular trends that come with complex logistical challenges

In-seat delivery challenges

In-seat delivery sounds like a great solution to offer fans convenience and safety.  If managed correctly, it can be part of a package of solutions.  However, if mismanaged, the concept can backfire.  How do you avoid food that is supposed to be hot arriving cold?  What happens when the delivery of the order disrupts fans that are watching the game?  How does packaging impact the delivery and consumption of food and beverage in the seats?  What happens when the App used to order has glitches, or the fan’s phone battery dies?  What are the menu limitations?  Will fans really be willing to behave differently?

There are many, many questions.  Here are some answers:

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An excellent commentary from Stadium Tech Report, Time to Re-Think In-Seat Delivery?

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