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Innovative ticketing solutions – such as “Netflix-like” subscription
Innovative ticketing solutions – such as “Netflix-like” subscription

In a post-pandemic environment, the recommendations G2 advanced four years ago are now imperative

One of the key recommendations G2 has shared with the Demonstration Clubs is that LaLiga clubs should develop new ticket products as an alternative to traditional season or single-game tickets. 

From the outset of our collaboration four years ago, we have urged clubs to introduce mini-plans, groups and innovative ticket products that bundle seats with a wide range of benefits, amenities and services (today’s buzzword is “experiences”), and that such products should be made available across a wide range of prices. 

We have also emphasized our “70/30 rule,” which suggests that 70% of ticketing income should come from only 30% of the seating capacity, as we know that if you create a fabulous premium experience at the upper-end of the spectrum, clients are far less price sensitive.  On the other hand, we also know that you must offer lower-price options for supporters and all people, regardless of their economic status. 

We have also recommended that clubs introduce new payment plans, so your customers are not forced to pay the entire amount for a season ticket in a lump sum 2-3 months before the season starts.

Honestly, most LaLiga clubs have resisted these fundamental recommendations, arguing that over 80% of tickets are sold as full season tickets.  When we point out that people are buying season tickets because the price is deeply discounted (well below fair market value), which has led to very low occupancy, which has hovered around 75% before the pandemic (compared to the English Premier League and Bundasliga, which average around 95% occupancy). 

With the pandemic, for clubs that continue with the status quo of only full (and deeply discounted) season tickets and single-game tickets (often at inflated prices for the “big games”), we are concerned that occupancy will fall even more.  When there are empty seats, you are losing out on ancillary revenues from food & beverage, merchandise and other experiential services that can be offered in the future.

Two factors will dissuade many people from buying tickets:

  1. Fear
  2. Limited resources (cash flow)

In a post-pandemic environment, the recommendations G2 advanced four years ago are now imperative.  This included the idea of subscription-based “season tickets,” which offers the customer the opportunity to pay on a monthly basis (via automatic bank or credit card transfer).  In our view, like with Netflix and other streaming services, this should include the right to cancel the subscription with reasonable notice.  Here are several informative stories:

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