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Industry Trends
Industry Trends

COVID, Social Justice, Private Equity and more

2020 was a year that will bring a “sea change” to professional sports.  Consider:

  • COVID is forcing clubs to change just about everthing.
  • In the States, athletes are using their celebrity and voice to promote issues social justice, diversity and inclusion. 
  • In Europe, the entry of private equity is disrupting traditional ownership models.
  • Management structures are changing to adapt to the need for rapid decision-making and empowering leadership supported by AI and business intelligence.
  • Disruption and innovation is challenging the status quo.
  • GenZ is watching highlights and short-form content more than the live games.


In this issue of CX Monthly, we want to share several of the best reports that forecast the trends that will shape the post-pandemic era, which will be upon us sooner than we might think.

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