CX Monthly
Inaugural Issue
Inaugural Issue

LaLiga's new newsletter designed to share global best practices

Our monthly digital customer experience newsletter is produced by G2 Strategic. It is being distributed to all club presidents, directors and business managers, as well as to LaLiga personnel.  We encourage you to forward the newsletter to every person inside your club and to others in the LaLiga family.

The purpose of CX Monthly is to collect and distribute stories, commentary and interviews gathered from trade publications, general media and other sources that highlight LaLiga’s quest to improve the customer experience at our matches.  Our hope is that our clubs will be inspired by “best practices” that are being implemented by sports and entertainment properties worldwide.

If you have stories that you would like to share, please submit via e-mail to Marshall Glickman, CEO of G2 Strategic.

As we are all confronting the COVID-19 pandemic, the focus of our first issue is crisis management.  This is not a moment to panic, sit on your hands or wait for a “silver bullet” (such as FIFA’s emergency fund) – if special contributions come your way, consider it “icing on the cake.” 

“This is an opportunity to tear it down and rebuild it.” (Mark Cuban, owner Dallas Mavericks and star of Shark Tank)

This moment in history is an ideal opportunity to think, innovate, disrupt.  It is time to prepare for the re-launch, dive in to long-term business planning and discover new opportunities that will emerge.  In the long-run, the clubs that are pro-active and ready to act will do well.

The re-launch of LaLiga is an unprecedented opportunity. 

What are you doing, NOW, to earn the trust and confidence of your stakeholders?  Do we use this as an excuse or an opportunity?

Communication – internally and externally – should be the highest priority of every sports and entertainment property.  What you say…how you say it…when you say it…and where you say it…will be the single most important factor leading up to, during and following the moment we are able to re-launch.

We can anticipate pent-up demand for people to get out of the house and socialize.  On the other hand, fear and limited resources will likely influence many people to hesitate or even to stay away. 

What steps are you taking to address these challenges?  There are three “rules” we encourage you to follow:

  1. Communicate…communicate…communicate
  2. Do the right thing
  3. Identify new opportunities to monetize

In this inaugural issue of CX Monthly, we are sharing several examples from thought-leaders and communication specialists that we hope will inspire your club to make the best of a very unfortunate situation.

“Nothing builds trust throughout an issue or crisis better than a steady flow of  responsible information that keeps everyone involved.”  (WPP)


Marshall Glickman


G2 Strategic

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