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Immersive experience for fans inside the venue
Immersive experience for fans inside the venue

Why should fans watching a match on TV at home, or even on their smart phone, have a better viewing experience than the fans that attend in the stadium? 

The fans inside the stadium have to pay, suffer the normal inconveniences of traffic, parking, weather and crowds, yet on the video screens, all they normally see is the score!  This is why LaLiga’s Customer Experience Committee (CXC) has recommended that the league adapt a policy encouraging clubs to substantially improve the quality of the content that is shown on the stadium video screens. 

In the States, the Sacramento Kings are installing Intel’s TrueView volumetric video system, which utilizes 5K cameras to capture 360-degree views and volumetric data from every conceivable angle to create 3D replays and livestreams that will be shown on the video screens as well as via the Kings’ in-arena mobile app.  This amazing system allows fans to see replays of the “beautiful game” from the vantage point of the players on the pitch and the coaches from the sidelines, and can utilize super slow motion so the fans can catch action that they otherwise may not be able to see from their seat (depending on location) and READ MORE HERE and HERE


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