The second edition of the 'Global Players Program', the educational initiative aimed exclusively at players from LaLiga Clubs, kicks off
The second edition of the 'Global Players Program', the educational initiative aimed exclusively at players from LaLiga Clubs, kicks off
  • LaLiga, through its educational department LaLiga Business School, is once again launching a pioneering course for football players among the major European leagues.
  • The course offers both a classroom and streaming format so that players can combine their professional commitments with their academic calendar.
  • This programme provides professional footballers with solid training and educational opportunities, continuing LaLiga's commitment to training as an essential part of the sports industry.

LaLiga, through its education department, LaLiga Business School, is pleased to announce the second edition of the 'Global Players Program' a course aimed at active LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank players. Supported by Banco Santander and in collaboration with the AFE (Spanish Footballers' Association), Players App, and with the addition of PortAventura World as a new collaborator, the 'Global Players Program' strengthens its position by providing a solid educational option for professional footballers, in line with its commitment to training as an essential part of the sports industry.

After the success of the first edition, in which 30 professional LaLiga players formed part of the student body, with 16 LaLiga Santander players from 8 different clubs and 14 LaLiga SmartBank players representing 10 clubs, the second edition hopes to replicate this success with updated content. With this pioneering program among the major European leagues, LaLiga once again demonstrates its commitment to the training and welfare of footballers, providing them with tools and knowledge to guide their careers away from the field of play, plus advice on where to focus their professional careers beyond the field of play.


A pioneering programme among the major European leagues

With this programme, a pioneer among the major European leagues, LaLiga once again demonstrates its involvement in the training and care of football players, offering them tools and knowledge to guide their professional careers beyond the field of play and knowledge on where to focus their professional careers beyond the field of play.

At the presentation of this second edition, Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga, said: “It is with great pleasure that we present the second edition of the Global Players Program, an exciting training initiative for professional football players, which we hope will become a reference point for them in the future. I would like to thank Banco Santander, AFE, Players App and PortAventura World for getting involved and joining with us in putting training at the heart of this project”.

Óscar Mayo, Executive Director of LaLiga, stressed that the Global Players Program “is a project that puts the footballer at its centre. The aim is to benefit them with suitable timetables and formats, subjects that we believe will be useful in the future, and personalised services provided by professionals from the sports industry. In short, it's a valuable training program to help professional football players and, therefore, the industry, grow”.


Felipe Martín, Director of Sponsorships and Events at Banco Santander Spain, said: "Banco Santander is delighted to once again support LaLiga in this initiative that combines education and training with sport, as Banco Santander maintains a firm commitment to progress along with inclusive and sustainable growth through a pioneering and established commitment to education, entrepreneurship and employment, which it has been developing through Santander Universities for over 25 years and which distinguishes it from other financial institutions across the world. I would like to congratulate all the players who have signed up because this program will help them in their personal and professional development for the rest of their lives”.

The General Director of PortAventura World, David García, explained: "We are proud to continue promoting innovative activities within the framework of our collaboration with LaLiga, such as the Global Players Program. Our aim, as one of Europe's leading holiday destinations, is to continue to support innovation and contribute to the transformation of the leisure and entertainment industry, all from a sustainable mindset and adapted to the new demands of the public”.


David Aganzo, president of AFE, said: "Years ago, we players had to make a living to prepare and train ourselves for the future. We have to appreciate the work that LaLiga is doing today and that it is working together with AFE on a very important project for player training. Footballers should know that behind the scenes of the football industry there are many professionals, which can be a job opportunity for them when their sporting careers wind down in their thirties. And it is also important to be able to manage your assets and interests without the need to turn to a third party. At AFE we encourage training because there comes a time when your focus changes and you need to be psychologically prepared and trained to change your life. And for this it is essential to provide footballers with the right tools."

Luis Gil, LaLiga Director of Competitions and Player's Office, offered his vision as an ex-footballer and spoke about how LaLiga is concerned with combining competition with, in this case, better training. In addition, Mario Suárez, Rayo Vallecano football player and student of the first edition of the Global Players Program, emphasised the need for football players to prepare themselves for their future and encouraged his colleagues to take part in training programs of this type.

Being aware of the work schedules of football players, the course will be given in different formats (in person and online) so that players can combine training and matches with the academic calendar.


With regard to the on-site training, it will take place over three days at LaLiga's headquarters in Madrid, once the season has ended in June. These sessions will include masterclasses from directors of LaLiga and Clubs, as well as visits to organisations and companies that operate in the sports industry.

The courses that will be delivered online will start on February 16 and will include the following content: Introduction to the Sports Industry; Audiovisual Rights; Marketing and Branding; Digital Strategy and New Technologies; General Management of a Club; Buying and selling clubs; Legal Aspects related to Clubs and Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. The course will be coordinated by Alberto García, former Rayo Vallecano player.

This training for active LaLiga players will be extended beyond footballers, also reaching tennis players thanks to an agreement reached between the ATP and LaLiga.

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