Only in the darkest moments do the true stars shine brightest
  • LaLiga is showing its support to all those groups and workers who are fighting day by day to beat COVID-19.
  • Mass applause can achieve incredible things in football and this same energy is now focused on those fighting the pandemic every day.

Doctors, nurses, transport workers, security forces, supermarket workers and cleaners are just some of the professionals who are being called to the front line during the pandemic. For them, as well as those suffering with illness in hospital, millions of homes around the world are joining together in applause, an act that is celebrated in a new video from LaLiga.

In football, incredible things can be achieved with the encouragement of a crowd of fans. By giving the same support and sending its energy and enthusiasm to those who are fighting the battle against COVID-19, the competition aims to honour the true stars of the moment.

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