Sevilla FC have a clear digitalisation strategy: one account, one vision, one voice and one brand
Sevilla FC have a clear digitalisation strategy: one account, one vision, one voice and one brand
  • Digitalisation and a vision for the future are basic pillars of the Andalusian club’s strategic plan.
  • Based on the quantity and quality of data collected by the club’s integrated sources, Sevilla FC have invested in an AI & Machine Learning division to improve services and experiences for fans.

For Sevilla FC, it is vital that digitalisation and a clear vision for the future feature in the club’s planning and that’s why both these elements are basic pillars of their strategic plan. Already, the Spanish club have spent several years working on an omnichannel strategy, with the objective of constructing a unique vision for fans to improve their 360º experience.

The work on digitalisation and transformation affects many people and processes within the club, with the common denominator being a shared strategic vision of the project. While there are repercussions for all departments and a constant push for improvement and optimisation, the most important thing is to establish a direct and close relationship between the club and its fans, as this allows the club and fanbase to work together to shape the services and experiences of the future.

Sevilla FC know that having a clear and long-term strategy, that is supported by a united management group and that uses well-executed tactics, leads to positive results. It strengthens the foundations of the present and of what is to come.


In the offices of the Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, it was decided several years ago that rolling out an ‘Identity First’ relational strategy would be a good idea, with the security, identity and understanding of the fan to be put ahead of any other contact process, activation or sales push. They prioritised quality over quantity and committed to doing things the right way from the very beginning.

Growing the club’s conversion rate and database

Alongside DruID, those working on this project established an omnichannel identity management system, one present in all the places where Sevilla FC have contact with their fans, such as the website, apps, e-commerce and Wi-Fi. This has multiplied fivefold the club’s database and increased conversion rates by 30%.

Through this, the club can connect with multiple types of users, can maintain a more secure ecosystem with a homogenous user experience, can proactively comply with data protection laws and can, through the consent obtained, better understand the user. This can multiply threefold the fans’ level of activation in the store and pre-match and post-match, while it also triples the journeys of conversion, activation and reactivation.

Currently, Sevilla FC are establishing different key projects that will directly improve the club’s relationship with fans and season ticket holders, such as the fast lane initiatives at stadium bars and kiosks or the process to integrate fan identity with season ticket identity, which would allow supporters to use their season ticket details to access other platforms such as the online store.


Using data to grow globally

The Spanish club also back the use of data in the sporting side of things. Sporting director Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo ‘Monchi’ has been one of the leading promotors of this by working on different predictive models that help optimise and facilitate decision making when it comes to signings, scouting, performance monitoring, injury prevention and much more.

Besides its uses in the sporting department, data can be useful elsewhere and, thanks to the quantity and quality of data collected by the club across its integrated sources, Sevilla FC have invested in an AI & Machine Learning division. This doesn’t only support the sporting section of the club, but it can also develop predictions and instructions that improve the services and experiences available for fans.

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