'Once in a Lifetime': the documentary from LaLiga and Sorare showing that football is about much more than 90 minutes
'Once in a Lifetime': the documentary from LaLiga and Sorare showing that football is about much more than 90 minutes
  • LaLiga and Sorare have launched a documentary on the Seville Derby to show how fans enjoy unforgettable moments that bring them closer to their teams, building valuable connections and unique experiences between fans, players and clubs.
  • This production, which involved the collaboration of the clubs, showcases the stories behind Sevilla FC and Real Betis fans' passion for the derby.

Football is much more than 90 minutes of play, especially when it comes to big events such as derbies where two teams from the same region, or even the same city, go head-to-head on the field of play, giving rise to special moments experienced between family members and friends.

This inspired Sorare and LaLiga to offer diehard fans of the Andalusian clubs the chance to share their stories regarding their passion for Sevilla FC and Real Betis with the world: where this passion stems from, how they experience it with their loved ones, giving viewers the chance to also get to know the players, legends and the club facilities.


This special experience, which shows how fans experience LaLiga thanks to Sorare in collaboration with the clubs, is the subject of an exclusive production from Kosmos Studios, in the form of a behind-the-scenes documentary showing everything that takes place beyond the 90 minutes of the match.

The two central characters in Once in a Lifetime, both Sorare users, were chosen from among 1,600 people after demonstrating their passion for the two teams who star in El Gran Derbi, following a selection process carried out by Sorare.


Oscar Mayo, LaLiga's executive director, noted: "For LaLiga it's vital to be able to engage in special initiatives with high-value partners, such as Sorare, that allow us to create innovative formulas that can offer our fans new experiences and enhance the appeal of our competition, the best in the world, beyond the 90 minutes of play."

Nicolas Julia, Sorare co-founder and CEO, surmised: "For Sorare, which was conceived as a 'game-within-the-game' experience, working with LaLiga is a fantastic way to be able to advance the pursuit of our objective to combine the physical and digital worlds in order to create special experiences that connect people with their passion for sport."

The documentary can be viewed on Sorare's YouTube channel, where it will continue to be available to all fans who wish to enjoy the first documentary made about people's experiences in the run-up to a derby.


A special experience

The film project, which is the first documentary about a derby produced by LaLiga and its sponsor, Sorare, comprises unique content which has managed to connect LaLiga and Sorare fans in a completely innovative and personal way, given that each personal experience recorded in the selection process was worked on with the clubs and players.

This way, the protagonists – one a native of Barcelona and the other from Seville – got to enjoy an exclusive training session, visit the training grounds and experience special moments together with playing greats such as Nemanja Gudelj, Marc Bartra, Borja Iglesias and Marko Dmitrovic, legends such as Gordillo, and even take part in the pre-match press conferences with Julen Lopetegui and Manuel Pellegrini.

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