LaLiga’s brand team helps clubs define their voice
LaLiga’s brand team helps clubs define their voice
  • Audience research and branded content help LaLiga clubs build a greater profile.
  • Through establishing the voice of a club and securing media articles, LaLiga´s brand team gives clubs exposure to new audiences while promoting traditions.

Creating a successful brand can be the key to winning new followers and achieving growth. This is the mission of the LaLiga brand department, a team of 13 people that is focused on raising the profile of the league and its clubs to a worldwide audience.

Building a brand profile is a complex task with many factors to consider. Research is at the basis. Through LaLiga, clubs can conduct a wide variety of studies, including current club perceptions, brand profile and details of regional trends.

Should clubs require it, they can also analyse audiences on a deeper level. Enrique Moreno, LaLiga’s Director of global brand and assets, explained: “Depending on the need, clubs may conduct studies with the general public, partners, fans and other target audiences.”

This research process gives clubs a better understanding of their position in the market and how to promote their brand. Having accumulated this knowledge, the process of winning new followers can begin. To assist with this, the department produces branded content articles that explain the finer details of LaLiga clubs, helping to introduce them to new audiences.

The articles, which are published in multimedia formats, showcase an innovative, modern league that is committed to embracing technology, while embracing and promoting the traditions of the clubs.

These stories have featured prominently across major media outlets in Spain. Recent examples include the recipe for success at Eibar, the development of the new Anoeta stadium (home of Real Sociedad) and the international developments taking place at Levante.

“The results we are obtaining with our clubs from branded content are very good, so much so that many media outlets re-use this content as if they were news stories,” Moreno continued. “The most important thing is that the department is helping clubs to promote their brands throughout the world through stories that perhaps wouldn’t normally be so well known.”

For the clubs, branded content placements have been a positive way to express their unique identity while gaining increased public exposure. This achieves the dual purpose of boosting brand profile with new audiences, while maintaining a strong bond with their own fans.

As clubs use this momentum to continue international growth efforts, LaLiga will be available to advise and consult at every stage. “Growing the brands of the clubs is our goal and that’s why we offer our advice and support on new projects that help brand creation and recognition,” Moreno concluded.

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