LaLiga opens its first themed restaurant and creates an immersive video game in PortAventura
  • The restaurant, LaLiga TwentyNine's, and video game, 'The Beat Challenge', offer a unique and immersive entertainment experience that, through the application of new technologies, extends beyond the physical boundaries of the resort.
  • Both projects have been developed through the LaLiga Entertainment joint venture, concluding the first phase of a series of initiatives focused on bringing innovative content to both PortAventura World customers and LaLiga fans.

PortAventura World, Kosmos and LaLiga have launched two projects that represent the completion of the first phase of the joint venture between the three brands to revolutionize the world of thrills and entertainment through innovation and the application of new technologies. LaLiga TwentyNine's, the world's first LaLiga-themed restaurant, is a unique and pioneering sports bar concept, and 'The Beat Challenge' is a football skills and platform video game developed as a mobile application and featuring Augmented Reality (AR) technology. Users will be able to immerse themselves in the challenges they are set at PortAventura World, at home or elsewhere, combining the physical reality with the virtual world.

Both projects link the world of sport and football with that of entertainment, thrills and emotions in an innovative way, through a combination of physical and virtual experiences that seek to provide innovative content to the millions of resort clients and the more than 115 million fans that follow the club competition.

The strategic agreement between PortAventura World, LaLiga and Kosmos was signed in September 2020, charting new territory by uniting the world of sports entertainment, theme parks and leisure destinations. The restaurant and video game launch completes the first phase of the project, which will include three stages of investment outlay directed through LaLiga Entertainment, the joint venture set up by the three companies. This first stage involved a sum of around €10 million, while the second, centred on the design and development of a new LaLiga-themed attraction, will involve an investment of €40 million, and the third, focused on the creation of a club competition theme park within the resort, will involve a projected investment of around €100 million.


David García, Director-General of Business for PortAventura World, highlighted the opportunity for strategic growth and business diversification that these projects imply for the resort, as one of Europe’s largest holiday destinations: “the opening of the restaurant, the only one of its kind in the world, and the development of this video game will enable us to connect with new audiences and, courtesy of digitization and new technologies, extend beyond our physical boundaries, reaching more people and making it possible to enjoy PortAventura World from anywhere around the globe.”

García went on to point out that, “PortAventura World focuses its efforts on developing new entertainment formulas to offer its millions of customers, completing their experience in an innovative way. LaLiga, a true world leader in international sport, joins us as a key partner in this quest to revolutionise entertainment. This alliance will make the PortAventura World experience even more enjoyable, offering users digital access to the park, as well as benefits when visiting the resort.”

For Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga, “these two projects represent a magnificent start for the strategic agreement with PortAventura World. With TwentyNine's, LaLiga becomes a pioneer, creating the world's first LaLiga-themed restaurant, a unique sports bar concept that will inspire other institutions and take the sectors of sport, entertainment and thrill experiences to another level. In addition, ‘The Beat Challenge’ game represents a move towards LaLiga achieving  its goal of reaching new audiences, investing in new technologies and innovation. Having PortAventura World as a strategic partner is key for LaLiga, as one of Europe’s largest holiday destinations and a guarantee of success.”


Gerard Piqué, President of Kosmos, stressed the importance of this partnership with two leaders in their respective fields of activity: “Kosmos was set up with the goal of developing disruptive and innovative projects in the world of sports and entertainment in order to appeal to all kinds of audiences. TwentyNine’s and ‘The Beat Challenge’ reflect that same goal, which they achieve by interlinking the physical experience with the virtual one. It is important for us to be part of this project alongside two of our strategic partners, LaLiga and PortAventura World.”

The launch, which was previewed live via LaLiga's TikTok account, was attended by Javier Tebas and David García, as well as Álex Bardera from Kosmos and numerous LaLiga Ambassadors and influencers.

Hybrid entertainment that crosses physical boundaries

LaLiga TwentyNine's is the first fully LaLiga-themed lounge bar in the world. Inspired by the year the Spanish football competition was established (1929), the 1,000m2 space is able to accommodate more than 400 people and offers visitors quality gastronomy combined with the chance to enjoy live sports competitions, with a specific grandstand seating area, as well as an eSports area and the integration of 'The Beat Challenge' video game. The concept is revolutionary and pioneering, turning the idea of a traditional sports bar on its head. The restaurant is also the first in the resort to have been awarded the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification, the most widely recognised sustainable building rating system in the world.


For its part, ‘The Beat Challenge’ video game is designed to offer entertainment that extends beyond a day out at PortAventura World, moving beyond its physical limits and entering a space that combines the physical world with the virtual one. The free app is available to download from Google Play and the Apple App Store, offering users the opportunity to fully personalise their experience and enjoy virtual spaces, with features that include creating their own avatar, as well as tackling a range of challenges and developing their football skills.

All LaLiga Santander clubs will be part of ‘The Beat Challenge’ through their players, who will be incorporated progressively.

The player's experience begins in their own home, as they can download it to their mobile device and start enjoying it ahead of their visit to the park, where they will be able to unlock selected experiences and key areas of the game only available at PortAventura World.

The role of disruptive technology has been fundamental in the development and execution of the game, combining physical reality with technological muscle through AR tools that will enable players to go head-to-head with LaLiga legends.

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