LaLiga continues to support global growth of football with opening of 30 schools in India
  • Around 4,000 young footballers between the ages of six and 18 will study at these institutions.
  • “We’ll leave a permanent legacy in Indian football,” explains LaLiga’s Indian managing director José Antonio Cachaza.

On October 4 of this year, LaLiga opened 30 schools in India, each of which is unmistakably built in the image and methodology of the league. These academies are spread out around the whole country, with LaLiga in charge of managing, controlling and developing them. Around 4,000 students, between the ages of six and 18, will be trained at these LaLiga Football Schools, based in cities such as Kolkata, Bangalore, Kochi, Mumbai, Pune and Noida.

José Antonio Cachaza, LaLiga’s managing director in India, was present for the launch in Noida of the serious project which intends “to show India the Spanish way of understanding football”.

“I believe this is an important and key moment in our presence in India,” Cachaza added. “This will allow us to bring our brand to 10 cities and to over 30 schools, starting off by working with 4,000 children. We’ll leave a permanent legacy in Indian football.”

This agreement is a collaborative effort with India on Track, a respected sporting agency, and it signifies a giant step forward, one which will benefit Indian and Spanish football. The Spanish coaches chosen to take part in this ambitious project will be the ones bringing the methodology and know-how of LaLiga to all of these academies.

Robert Pires, a former Villarreal player and a LaLiga ambassador, was also present at the opening ceremony and he is aware that many fans in India enjoy Spanish football with passion, having played in both countries. “LaLiga can help develop new talents in India,” the Frenchman said. “This great project is important in terms of helping people and in terms of developing Indian football. Why can’t Indian talents play in Spain one day in the future?” 

The goal of the project is to support the comprehensive development of the youngsters, using their love for football and for everything related to the Spanish league to do this. Furthermore, there is a plan to train and to improve local coaches. LaLiga is a dream for them, while for LaLiga it is a matter of pride to be able to help write the story of the future of Indian football.

LaLiga is continuing the development of projects in the Indian market, a region where all LaLiga Santander matches can be viewed live on Facebook this season and in the next two campaigns. This is a country where friendlies have already been played, where the biggest matches have been screened in public and where many other events have taken place. The academies, which will train young Indian players, will be an important part in all of this. This is just a latest step in LaLiga’s mission to develop football around the world.

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