Just two months after its official launch, LaLiga Tech is recognised as a top 15 global market leader
  • The Coordinates Institute of Governance and Applied Economics has named LaLiga Tech as one of 15 Spanish companies that are global leaders in their sector.
  • Those behind LaLiga Tech have been developing technology solutions for sports and entertainment for nearly a decade, but the subsidiary’s official launch only took place in September. 

Business leaders are already recognising LaLiga Tech’s standing in the sports and entertainment industry, just two months after this new subsidiary of LaLiga was officially launched at the end of September. On November 22nd, Spain’s Instituto Coordenadas de Gobernanza y Economía Aplicada – the Coordinates Institute of Governance and Applied Economics, in English – published a report that named LaLiga Tech as one of the top 15 Spanish companies who are global leaders in their respective markets.

The selection was conducted by the analysts of this renowned institute, which is based in Spain and which shares insights on business trends and economic policymaking, with both a domestic and international outlook. They considered companies of various sizes and picked those who are “trendsetters and breaking the mould in their respective fields”.

LaLiga Tech fits that bill and stands proudly alongside other high-profile brands such as Indra, Grifols, Almirall, Isdin and Pronovias. With its innovative spirit and revolutionary range of digital services, LaLiga Tech is already a worldwide leader in the sports and entertainment industry.


This subsidiary of LaLiga was only launched in September of 2021, but most of its 150 employees have already been working on designing technology solutions for several years as part of LaLiga. Given that there were limited technology solutions available at the time when LaLiga stepped up its growth, the organisation decided to construct a unique digital ecosystem from scratch by hiring the best professionals. Having anticipated key changes in the industry and having built the services to address these, LaLiga Tech was launched to make these products available to other industry stakeholders.

LaLiga Tech’s clients include other sporting competitions and federations, such as the Jupiler Pro League, the Royal Belgian Football Association and World Padel Tour, as well as rights holders like Dorna Sports, Millicom or Sky Mexico. These clients all appreciate the fact that LaLiga Tech is the only company to provide technology that was designed exclusively for the sports and entertainment sector.

There are three main categories of technology offerings: fan engagement; competition management; and content enhancement and protection. With fan engagement, this includes products such as OTT streaming services, apps or smart venue features. When it comes to competition management, LaLiga Tech can offer software that is used every day to run Spain’s professional leagues, like the kit and calendar selector tools or financial dashboards. As for content enhancement and protection, several of LaLiga Tech’s clients come for the market-leading anti-piracy tools, while others love the way Mediacoach can make broadcasts even more entertaining.


On this offering, LaLiga Tech’s CEO Miguel Ángel Leal has explained: “Sports and entertainment has an enormous opportunity to build on its emotional connection with fans by taking a data-led approach to understand fan behaviours and design modern, engaging and profitable experiences. Our products have been specifically created for the sector and are supported by the human resources that have turned LaLiga into a digital leader over recent years.”

The fact that LaLiga Tech combines years of experience with a culture of innovation has seen the subsidiary recognised as a market leader on the international stage. More products and services are currently being worked on, meaning there is even more room for growth for what is a unique company in the sector.

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