How LaLiga Foundation is keeping its campaigns running
How LaLiga Foundation is keeping its campaigns running
  • During the uncertain times caused by COVID-19, the LaLiga Foundation is still operating globally.
  • Online courses and digital materials have ensured that education, training, education and entertainment initiatives can continue.

As global industries continue an unprecedented change of pace as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the LaLiga Foundation is as committed as ever to carrying out social good campaigns that use the power of football to make a difference. From online courses to videoconferences to social media content, the LaLiga Foundation remains a presence in communities across the world.

One of the main ways in which the LaLiga Foundation has an impact is through the educational courses that it helps to run in association with various global partners, directed at clubs, football associations or students. By putting together courses that can be completed online, this initiative has been able to progress. 

As clubs and football organisations prepare for a post COVID-19 future, an important new course has just been announced that will be organised in association with the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA) titled ‘Sustainable Management in Professional Football: How to Manage Local and Global Challenges’. 

Another successful programme that is run by the LaLiga Foundation is the ‘Futura Afición’ (‘Future Fans’) project. With this initiative, youngsters are taught the values of sport, such as fair play, teamwork, tolerance, respect and empathy. All of this helps to promote respect among the next generation of fans. 

Other courses that are currently available include the ‘Volunteering, Sustainable Development Goals and Fundraising’ and ‘Football and Intellectual Disability’.

Normally these lessons are taught in schools and education centres worldwide, but due to current lockdown measures, activities are being run through a digital platform.  

“It is necessary to understand the current social, regulatory and economic context that surrounds the football industry,” said Olga de la Fuente, Director of the LaLiga Foundation, said. “This initiative is part of our commitment to offering continuous training and demonstrating the value of social responsibility."

Global sports initiatives are continuing digitally
Thanks to digital platforms, the LaLiga Foundation can also maintain its sporting competitions which affect thousands of people around the world. 

By using online platforms and continuing to share resources digitally, international projects such as the ‘LaLiga: Values and Opportunity' football schools in El Salvador, or the social project at the Za'atari refugee camp in Jordan, are still running. 

In Spain, the Foundation has also dedicated significant resource to supporting one of its highlight projects. LaLiga Genuine Santander is the professional league that LaLiga developed for players with intellectual disabilities and even though matches cannot take place for the time being, there is still plenty of entertainment on offer for the players and supporters of this tournament. 

Various challenges have been launched via the LaLiga Foundation’s social media channels, from quizzes to highlights videos to dance challenges to online exercise videos. 

In addition, LaLiga President Javier Tebas and Rami Aboukhair, CEO of Santander España, held a virtual meeting this month with the 36 teams of LaLiga Genuine to discuss the enormous value of the competition and the plans to resume action when health conditions allow. During the call, the official sticker album of LaLiga Genuine, created with the league’s partner Panini, was also announced.
Across all countries, football has the potential to inspire, educate and develop at a local level.

Through the combined efforts of the coaches, educators and other professionals who make up LaLiga Foundation, this important work is able to continue.

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