How Girona's Supporters Helped modernise the club’s badge and branding
  • More than 3,000 supporters cast a vote to decide which badge that Catalan club will use from the 2022/23 season onwards.
  • The winning design highlights the word ‘Girona’, a key branding element of a club that is growing globally.   

A modern football club needs a modern image and Girona FC’s branding will take a major step into the future this summer, with an updated club badge to be used from the 2022/23 season onwards.

The badge hadn’t significantly evolved since 2005, so the Catalan club wanted to create a new and more modern design, one that highlights the name of the city, one rich in colour and one that is optimised for the digital age. An initial consultation was held with fans in July of 2021, before two options were selected and a vote was held between August 18th and September 19th, with 3,332 fans having their say and with 2,664, which is 80 percent, selecting Option A.

During the preliminary consultation, fans discussed the various elements of the club badge and it was agreed that the flag and the red and white stripes were the most important, closely followed by the text with the name of the club. During this process, 70 percent of supporters even stated that the most dispensable element was the crown. The design team took all of this on board as they reinforced the key elements that are part of the club’s DNA and they presented two options, with the fans able to vote online or in person over the course of a month.


Reflecting on this process, Girona FC general director Ignasi Mas-Bagà said: “One of the pillars of this club is our closeness to our fans. For us, it was key to involve the club members in such an important project. A club badge is much more than an identifying mark, as it shows a club’s image. A badge is usually rich in history, which is why we thought that the best way to go about this was to organise a process that was transparent, collaborative and digital.”

With the new design standing out, Girona FC know that their badge should now be used correctly by media, fan groups and sponsors, given that many were using previous incarnations of the badge or versions with the wrong colours. Now, the new design is simpler and richer in colour, with the club name standing out once again.

As Mas-Bagà explained: “With the previous badge, the club name was almost unreadable and, therefore, it was mostly recognised by football fans who already knew of Girona FC. One of the key aspects of the new badge is the large lettering of the name of the club, with ‘Girona’ standing out on the top half of the badge. It should be easier to read in all the different formats where it’ll be used, on both digital and physical ones.”


The general director continued: “This change will help us take a step forward in building the Girona FC brand, as we are modernising it and making it more visible for our fans and for potential new fans. The brand identity is still that of being a close-knit club that is humble and very connected to its region and people, proud of being how we are. Changing the badge doesn’t mean we’re changing the values of the club and I think it’s important to stress that. Our image is now more modern, but we’re still a club with 91 years of history.”

Over recent years, Girona FC have grown significantly in popularity, helped by the two seasons spent in LaLiga Santander in 2017/18 and 2018/19. The internationalisation work done behind the scenes at the Estadi Montilivi has also been vital, with Girona FC participating in the ‘Six Dreams’ documentary series, becoming the first Spanish club to play a friendly in India, launching a TikTok account before most others, embracing eSports early on and working with LaLiga on other global initiatives.

As Mas-Bagà summed up: “The internationalisation efforts of the club go beyond the evolution of the club badge, but we are sure that the new one will work much better for us on a digital level and on a global level.”

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