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  • As part of its international growth effort, LaLiga is providing a new window for a global sport business audience.
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Can you imagine what it is like to be part of FC Barcelona’s digital media team on a matchday? Or what the day-to-day looks like inside the anti-piracy department for LaLiga? What about experiencing the revolution of Spanish women’s football from within, or getting to grips with LaLiga’s historic new agreements with the USA and India?

'Global Fútbol' has been created to bring the best stories, case studies, best practices and news from LaLiga and its clubs to all corners of the globe.

 As part of the LaLiga effort to international growth and knowledge sharing, LaLiga will produce exclusive content directed at a worldwide sport business audience with reports and stories from the league as told by those closest to them.

 'Global Futbol' will be published in English on a monthly basis, with content reinforcing the brand of the league and its clubs to a worldwide audience .

The world football industry will be able to witness first hand all of the ins and outs of a competition that extends far beyond the Spanish borders.

The theme of the articles will be broad aiming to give a new way to look at LaLiga and its clubs, from a variety of angles.

Global Futbol will bring readers up to date with Spain’s main sporting projects both at home and across the world, updates on LaLiga’s international agreements and their strategy for expansion into new markets, how various departments keep things running smoothly as well as information on sponsorships, business news, academic and training projects, women’s football, charitable works and much more.

All LaLiga clubs will play an important role with ‘Global Fútbol’, which has the aim of expanding the brand of both the product and the clubs internationally.

There will be content for a variety of audiences, from those interested in ticketing and facilities to others who want a behind the scenes look at digital and business strategy.


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