Fans can show their LaLiga team colours from home through new Instagram filters
Fans can show their LaLiga team colours from home through new Instagram filters
  • The availability of 42 filters add to the global visibility of LaLiga clubs.
  • Through augmented reality fans can show the colours of their favourite team from home.

With the majority of global leagues postponed, sports fans are currently relying more than ever on the internet and social networks for daily content. This increases the need for leagues and clubs to innovate and develop tools that connect with users and generate engagement in a digital environment. 

To help generate further visibility for the 42 professional clubs competing in the top two divisions of Spanish football, the league’s digital team have created an augmented reality Instagram filter for each of the 20 LaLiga Santander and 22 LaLiga SmartBank clubs.

The filters, available via the official LaLiga Instagram page, allow the user to instantly obtain a self-portrait wearing the scarf and facepaint of their chosen team. By capturing and sharing the image, the action is designed to create a new and immersive activity for users, many of whom find themselves housebound due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

A different and fun activity
By visiting LaLiga’s Instagram page and by selecting the face icon just above the traditional feed, users can click on the ‘Be a Big Fan’ campaign to access the new filters. Once the filters have been selected and the user’s face is identified by the camera, they appear as if they’re wearing a scarf and face paint in the colours of a certain team and virtual confetti of the same colours falling in the background. 

The image, which also clearly shows the club name can then be saved and shared with friends and followers – increasing visibility for the club in question as well as the league.

As LaLiga’s digital strategy director Alfredo Bermejo explained: “These filters highlight in a fun and creative way the names and colours of clubs that some fans might not know much about. A major objective for LaLiga is to promote the visibility of all clubs and this is a unique and engaging way to do so.”

LaLiga already has more than 26 million followers on Instagram and more than 100 million followers across its entire social media footprint. This growth is the result of careful planning, integration with local cultural values and creativity. 

On Instagram, which is available globally, the league’s strategy is to provide original content and activations that bring the competition closer to fans and move them to interact. This helps the colours of LaLiga remain on display, even during times when little football is being played.

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