Elche CF mark the club's centenary by adopting a new corporate identity with the aim of reaching new audiences
  • For the club, reaching 100 years of history is "an incomparable milestone" and they want to value this achievement through a logo. 
  • This new brand identity aims to increase the visibility of the club and continue Elche CF's strategy of becoming more global.

Elche CF will soon embark on a historic season, that of its centenary, with the club looking to consolidate itself among the very best, both in a sporting and institutional sense. With this in mind, and to mark the 100 years of history, the club will adopt a new corporate identity during the 2022/23 season to commemorate this achievement. The new brand image will be present in all possible spaces, meaning that this coming season will become completely associated with and remembered through this commemorative logo.

Los Franjiverdes will join a select group of clubs to have reached one century of existence. From the club’s point of view, they want to value this achievement in a visual way. Furthermore, the fact they’ll reach this milestone while playing at LaLiga Santander level is another reason to celebrate and a reason why they wanted to make this season truly unforgettable and unmistakable for generations to come.

As those in the club’s marketing, design and communication departments explain: “With the new corporate identity, we have highlighted our values, which differentiate us from the rest. The outline of our badge and the characteristic stripe of our kit come together along with a 100 in our own typography, while there is also an old football. This all allows fans to quickly identify that it is our badge and our centenary.”


To resolve any doubts, the club has explained that this new corporate identity won’t replace the traditional one. They state: “The idea is that both identities can coexist to give special relevance to that of the centenary, as you only celebrate 100 years once and you have to leave a legacy that’ll live on in the memory.” The new brand image has been described as “elegant, respectful, modern and emotive” and will be featured on the club's kits, in the season ticket campaign and during other club events throughout the 2022/23 season.

Elche CF's objective with this endeavour is to help globalise their brand. The aim is to make the club’s sporting and institutional growth visible, to help the club cross borders and to raise awareness of the century of history during which Elche CF has contributed to building the ecosystems of Spanish football. The club adds: “For several seasons now, we have worked to grow and reach new audiences and we are indeed achieving this. We want to take advantage of a milestone like the centenary to do so to an even greater extent.”


Another of the key elements to the new corporate identity is the search for its link with the team, the fans and the club's history. This is a corporate boost that they hope can help build a project that is even more robust and close to the club’s history and traditions, the pillars which Elche CF will continue to hold in high regard and keep building on.

As the club concludes: “We want our corporate identity to be automatically related to the centenary of this historic club, which is a club of traditions and conducting business in the right way and a club that wants to continue growing and consolidating itself.” This ideal has been present throughout the work on this new corporate identity, which has been designed and produced by the club in collaboration with Grupo Antón Comunicación, a local agency.

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