Collaboration in Argentina strengthens anti-doping efforts in sport
Collaboration in Argentina strengthens anti-doping efforts in sport
  • LaLiga has agreed to share best practices with Argentina’s National Sport Agency and National Anti-Doping Commission.
  • Representatives from each spoke in Buenos Aires about the benefits this partnership provides to the long-term health of the game.

Efforts to ensure the sustainable and healthy development of sport in Argentina have received a boost thanks to a new alliance between LaLiga and two of the leading sports bodies in the South American nation.

Following the agreement with the country’s National Sports Agency and National Anti-Doping Commission, LaLiga will share best practices around how to tackle doping as well as how to make sport fairer, more diverse and more inclusive.

The three organisations pledged to join forces at an event in Buenos Aires at the Centro Nacional de Alto Rendimiento Deportivo – the National Centre of High Performance Athletics. The deal will see more direct collaboration take place between LaLiga and the two Argentine bodies and the exchange of technical materials and institutional support.


For LaLiga, this is an opportunity to share the expert knowledge that it has acquired over many years. One of LaLiga’s most important objectives is to support the wider sporting community and this collaboration will assist these efforts in one of South America’s most popular sporting markets.

“This agreement will help us to maintain a close and collaborative relationship with these entities and will help us to keep developing sport,” explained Fernando Sanz, LaLiga's director of international institutional relations and director of the LaLiga ambassadors and legends project.

Dr. Diego Grippo, President of Argentina’s National Anti-Doping Commission, is encouraged by the opportunity to learn from the way things are done in Spain: “There is some lack of knowledge about anti-doping and we have the chance to highlight the programme as part of the idea of protecting sport,” he said. “There is a lot to learn from Spain and we’re going to take a lot from them.”

While some of the techniques, information and best practice exchanged will centre on anti-doping, this agreement covers wider initiatives covering respect and inclusion. LaLiga has been at the forefront of programmes to make football accessible to all, through initiatives such as LaLiga Genuine, the league for players with intellectual disabilities that has just completed its second season in Spain with participation from 30 clubs.

Diógenes de Urquiza, the executive director of Argentina’s National Sports Agency, discussed the broader opportunity to work together with LaLiga to make football even more inclusive. “This agreement is important because it will allow us to work in partnership on social aspects,” he said.

“This agreement is very positive for our country and, as a result, it’s very positive for our sportspeople.”

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