Audiovisual | 30 OCT 2019

Behind the scenes at LaLigaTV

  • LaLigaTV is a 24/7 English TV channel dedicated to LaLiga.
  • A team of approximately 100 people produce programmes from the Barcelona studio every day to keep global fans engaged Monday to Sunday.
Cámara aérea LaLiga. Cámara aérea LaLiga

Audiovisual | 30 OCT 2019

Meet the pilots of LaLiga's aerial cameras

  • These cameras are in place at 11 of the 20 LaLiga Santander stadiums, the most in any league.
  • Combination of pillars, motors, cables and technicians is required to create this special viewing experience.
Espacio Movistar LaLiga. Espacio Movistar LaLiga

Audiovisual | 30 OCT 2019

LaLiga and Movistar unveil interactive roadshow

  • The two organisations aim to spread excitement for Spanish football by creating new experiences.
  • New roadshow features virtual reality, multimedia, gaming, photo opportunities and much more.