Beyond sponsorship: LaLiga and Sevilla FC agree to provide consultancy services in Tanzania through GSM Group partnership
  • Young Africans SC will benefit from LaLiga and Sevilla FC’s expertise over the next three and a half years.
  • The Tanzanian club will receive consultancy on club management, activities for fans, digital transformation, marketing, sales, economic control and international development.

LaLiga’s latest commercial agreement in Africa is a unique initiative revealing how clubs, leagues and partners can come together to support the growth of football around the world.

This objective has been central to LaLiga’s internationalisation strategy since it began in 2016, which has seen it promote knowledge sharing between leagues, organisations and clubs on every continent.  

Adding a new dimension to this strategy, the league and LaLiga Santander club Sevilla FC are joining forces to provide advisory support to Tanzanian football team Young Africans Sports Club (Yanga SC), with the support of GSM Group. 

As part of the three-and-a-half-year agreement, LaLiga will assist with the organisational and business elements of the football industry and with Sevilla FC to help with the sporting, financial and fan relations areas of the institution.  

A unique partnership with GSM Group

Yanga SC is the most successful club in Tanzanian football, with 27 league titles to its name. As it builds its own brand, Yanga SC will receive consultancy on club management, activities for fans, digital transformation, marketing, sales, economic control and international development. 


This agreement arose from talks with GSM Group, a tourist services company that was looking to become a partner of Spanish professional football. During negotiations, it was decided that a different kind of alliance could be established whereby the league and club would provide active support to the club, with which GSM Group is already a commercial partner. 

“This is a creative solution that provides a new way to support the development of football around the world,” said Óscar Mayo, LaLiga’s director of business, marketing and international development. We congratulate GSM for taking this bold approach with us and demonstrating a new type of commercial practice for the football industry.”

Ongoing global partnerships 
Sevilla FC became involved as part of the culture of collaboration that exists between with LaLiga in its clubs to further promote the competition internationally. As part of this, LaLiga offers its support to clubs looking to enter new markets and in return, clubs like Sevilla FC offer their specific expertise to help local academies, clubs or other businesses to grow.


This is not the first time Sevilla FC has been involved in Tanzania. At the end of the 2018/19 season, the Andalusian club visited Dar es Salaam for the LaLiga World Challenge post-season tour and took on Simba SC, another Tanzanian team, in an exhibition match.  Coaches from the club will travel to the Tanzanian city to work with Yanga SC when the health situation allows. Until that point, support will be provided through digital channels. 

LaLiga’s consultancy services are wide ranging and are a key part of its MoU agreements with competitions around the world. By working with Ecuador’s professional football league since 2018, for example, LaLiga has helped to modernise the organisation of that competition and has helped to introduce economic control models. 

“LaLiga has become a reference point in many aspects in the world of football and we’re open to helping and to sharing the knowledge we have,” Mayo concluded. “It’s a new way to grow while supporting other businesses, at the same time underlining LaLiga’s international presence.” 

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