Atleti Territory: Telling the story of Atletico de Madrid through immersive digital experiences
  • Through this ambitious project, Atlético de Madrid invites football fans to learn about the club’s history in a unique way.
  • Located at the Wanda Metropolitano stadium, the new space boasts a number of immersive experiences using the latest technology. 

LaLiga clubs continue to evolve their use of technology in order to offer their fans unforgettable experiences. Atlético de Madrid has announced Atleti Territory, a space located at the club’s Wanda Metropolitano Stadium that brings fans a range of unique opportunities. 

The club aims to group each of its entertainment and leisure activities into three distinct offerings, aimed at fans, families and those who want to incorporate other activities such as music. Central to this, however, is a museum that offers the latest in technological innovation.

Combining the old and the new, Atlético de Madrid is honouring its 117 years of history while also creating cutting-edge digital experiences, making it one of the club’s most ambitious projects of the 2020/21 season.


We Are History. We Are Family. We Are Passion.
Explaining the vision behind the new space, the club revealed: “Atleti Territory is a new meeting point for all our supporters and for all visitors who want to experience what we’re about, who want to understand our history and values and who want to enjoy the passion that exists for our team.” 

To appeal to all of its visitors, Atleti Territory is divided into three broad areas, named ‘We Are History’, ‘We Are Family’ and ‘We Are Passion’.

Within the ‘We Are Family’ category, fans will have the chance to celebrate birthdays at the Wanda Metropolitano, as well as other family events and celebrations, while ‘We Are Passion’ gives visitors the chance to enjoy other experiences that aren’t solely related to football but take place at the venue, such as music, other sports and leisure events.

The ‘We Are History’ category, meanwhile, gives visitors to the Wanda Metropolitano the chance to tour the stadium as well as visit the new state-of-the-art Atlético de Madrid museum. 


A modern, interactive and experiential museum
“The museum and the tour offer immersive experiences with the latest technology, making this one of the most modern, interactive and experiential museums in the world,” the club explained. 

Covering an area of 1,400 metres, the museum offers 15 immersive experiences that contribute to visitors’ learning about the history of the club and what it means to be a fan of the team nicknamed ‘Mattress Makers’.

Stories spanning more than a century are covered, from the club’s foundation in 1903 to now, using augmented reality, touch screens, virtual reality and immersive audio. The values that characterise Atlético de Madrid also feature prominently in the museum experience. 

Having been inaugurated in August, more than 5,000 people have already visited the new space, mostly from within Spain. This figure is expected to rise significantly when health measures allow international travel to resume. For fans who have already visited, the feedback directors have received has been overwhelmingly positive. 


Digital storytelling
With an aim to engage visitors from all ages and backgrounds, the club has designed experiences that mix storytelling and technology to bring Atleti Territory to life.

‘From Parents to Children’ is an experience that helps visitors feel how the club’s values are passed on from generation to generation through the room of a child who became a legend, using video mapping to create an immersive effect. 

The ‘Heartbeat to Heartbeat’ experience, where a projection on three screens shows how the club’s history has been forged. Meanwhile ‘Eternal Calderón’ uses virtual reality allowing fans to re-live the best moments from the club’s final match at its former stadium Vicente Calderón. Adding a touch of authenticity to this experience, guests can sit on a genuine seat from the old stadium as they look on. 

Through the immersive experience of a 180º screen, the club also make it possible for visitors to experience the most famous Atlético de Madrid songs and the club hymn. “This is a great opportunity for visitors and fans who haven’t had the chance to enjoy the atmosphere of a match in the stadium,” the club noted.


“Another area of interest is the collection of shirts, boots and balls,” the club added. “There are more than 400 objects displayed in cabinets with more than 150 drawers. You can also see all our trophies up close, as well as discover some secrets that will surprise anyone who pays a visit.”

The construction of Atleti Territory shows how Atletico de Madid is bringing its long history into the present day. For visitors young and old, this promises a range of experiences that will leave their mark.

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