AI video recording to be installed at RC Celta de Vigo training ground and press rooms
AI video recording to be installed at RC Celta de Vigo training ground and press rooms
  • Installation is the result of a pilot project created by LaLiga, the club and the start-up cinfo, a winner of LaLiga’s 2019 Startup Competition.  
  • The technology allows for automated recording, reproduction and editing of content that coaches, press and fans can access through the cloud. 

LaLiga Santander club RC Celta de Vigo and LaLiga have developed a new automation programme alongside cinfo, a specialist provider of AI and video technology that was among the winners of the 2019 Startup Competition that LaLiga organised at the end of last year.

The project centres around the installation of the product ‘tiivii’ at RC Celta Vigo’s training ground and press rooms at the club’s A Madroa sports complex. Tiivii is a real-time video engine, hosted in the cloud, that allows for the automatic recording, reproduction and editing of content without the need for manual intervention. 

As well as allowing fans to watch training videos live or on demand, the solution allows journalists to attend press conferences virtually and to access recordings for when they are needed. 

It can also be easily transferred to new locations, providing an advantage to the club as it plans to move to a new sports complex in the near future.


“This project will allow us to take a significant step forward in terms of innovation and technology and will provide us with new content that can be used internally, for closer monitoring of players, or externally, for journalists accessing our press conferences,” explained Carlos Salvador, the commercial director at RC Celta de Vigo. 

The technology uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect people and objects, thereby sorting and editing the footage in real time. This could provide significant benefits to the club, allowing staff to closely monitor individual players during training sessions and matches.

Tiivii also provides multicamera filming and the ability to use different cameras simultaneously, helping the viewer to select exactly the right angle to view an incident and not miss any detail. 


For those viewing the broadcasts, the technology also allows for the insertion of a virtual scoreboard, voice-overs, digital advertising, replays and other graphics, making the spectacle more immersive and valuable.

cinfo is a Spanish company based in Galicia and was one of the 10 businesses selected as a finalist of the 2019 Startup Competition, organised through ‘The Original Inspiration Center by LaLiga.’ The objective was to identify and collaborate with international startups to promote digitalisation and innovation at Spanish clubs and at LaLiga. 

The tiivii pilot project is the second pilot project to come from this competition, following the launch of Australian startup Solos’ wearable technology project at Real Sociedad. 

The installation of tiivii at A Madroa is scheduled for September.

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