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What business are you in?

Football? Sports? Entertainment? Advertising? Ticket Sales?

“We in the sports business don’t sell the game…we sell unique, emotional experiences” (Mark Cuban)

How do you respond If somebody asks you “what business are you in?” Football?  Sports?  Entertainment?  Advertising?  Ticket Sales? 

We think a more appropriate definition – especially in today’s environment dominated by smart devices, social media and the need to attract new fans to our stadiums – is that LaLiga is in the business of creating memories.  What’s your view?

Consider the perspective of Mark Cuban, a former bartender who is today one of the stars of Shark Tank, a best-selling author and the billionaire owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks. In a recent weblog (which includes several videos of how big-screen video content is used to creating a memorable experience, which is one of the key recommendations of LaLiga’s Customer Experience Committee), Cuban makes a strong case against integrating smartphones into the live game experience.  


What Business is the NBA in?

{From Blog Maverick, July 26, 2019}

Just as it has been for the past 7 or so years, I continue to get business proposals for new ways to alter the NBA in-game experience.  Without fail the proposal starts out with some form of “Today, everyone has a smartphone and can’t disconnect from their phone.”  Then I get the meat of the pitch, which is some derivative of stats, Jumbotron pictures, fantasy games, gamification apps, Instragram pics, social sharing, etc. etc. 

They all seem to forget what business the NBA is in.  READ MORE

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