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The next generation of fans will demand a very different experience
The next generation of fans will demand a very different experience

In Spanish football, there are generally only two ticket options – season tickets or single-match tickets.

The primary incentive to purchase a season ticket is price – most LaLiga clubs discount the value of single-match tickets by 40-50%, and sometimes even more.  If you calculate the per-match cost of a season ticket, the price is quite low compared to other live world-class events (especially if you consider the prices paid on the secondary market for the “big” games).

As a result of low prices, the average fill rate (occupancy) for LaLiga matches hovers around 75%, compared to 95%+ for Bundesliga and the EPL.  As LaLiga clubs begin to develop and offer new forms of ticket products, such as monthly subscriptions, fixed and variable mini-plans, etc., and bundle the tickets with unique experiences inside and outside the stadium, we expect occupancy rates to increase.

However, clubs must also be prepared to face the challenge that ticket demand from the traditional fan base may decrease in a post-pandemic world.  We must face the reality that COVID has re-programmed people to stay at home – where they can pause the game, drink a beer, be unmasked with friends and family, and avoid the inconveniences of going to the stadium.

If LaLiga’s clubs expect to return to pre-pandemic attendance, and obtain growth of matchday revenues going forward, they must accommodate the next generation of fans, who will demand a very different experience.  This starts with step one — the process of purchasing a ticket.

This issue of CX Monthly offers several stories that describe how our industry is addressing the challenge.  We hope you are inspired.



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