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Real Betis follows global trend to transition to 100% digital ticketing
Real Betis follows global trend to transition to 100% digital ticketing

The Digital Transformation of Real Betis

The February issue of LaLIga’s Global Newsletter featured a great story, The Digital Transformation of Real Betis.  Betis is an early adaptor of the move to eliminate paper tickets, following the recommendation of the Customer Experience Committee (CXC), which calls for all LaLiga clubs to transition to all-digital ticketing over the next three years. 


Monumental Sports, owners of the NBA Wizards, NHL Capitals, WNBA Mystics, Caps Gaming, and several venues, one of the industry leaders in integrating a broad range of brands and commercial assets, are the latest digital adaptors in the States; their move to 100% digital tickets follows the global trend (100% NFL, Rolling Stones, Manchester Arena, plus the majority of NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS clubs) – we hope that all LaLiga clubs will follow Betis’ lead, as there are numerous advantages:

  • Ticket transfer in seconds, increasing occupancy (ticket utilization).
  • Ticket re-sale in seconds, increasing occupancy and club revenues.
  • Eliminates fraud and unauthorized re-sellers (if the right technology is utilized) 
  • Links each ticket to users identify, generating loads of valuable data.
  • Paves the way for dynamic pricing (driven by supply & demand).
  • Tickets can be bundled with food & beverage, merchandise and other benefits.
  • Improves speed of entry.
  • Reduces labor and other operating costs.

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