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Manchester United & COVID-19
Manchester United & COVID-19

Manchester United prepares on COVID-19 contingency plans...

As a part of G2’s work with nine LaLiga “Demonstration Clubs,” as well as the 18 clubs participating on the CX Committee, we will be discussing plans for refunds, credits, donations, payment plans, renewal deadline extensions, added-value and other strategies to offset the potential cancellation, rescheduling or closed-door staging of matches. 

An excellent example comes from Manchester United.  Because the pandemic situation is fluid, not all of the policy details have been determined, but to their credit, the club is “talking” to their fans with full transparency, explaining some initial policies and, most important, letting their fans know they are top of mind.

In our view, communication and establishing fan-friendly policies is an essential first step in any re-launch strategy.  We urge you to learn about ManU’s approach, develop policies that cover the full range of scenarios, and regularly communicate with your fans.  Don’t take your fans for granted – let them know what’s on your mind!

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