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In spite of 11,000 tickets for sale, only 4600 attend national team
In spite of 11,000 tickets for sale, only 4600 attend national team

Many fans reluctant to attend matches

Just because the government allows fans to return does not mean they will return.  As the Harris research indicates, many fans will be reluctant to attend matches when they are nervous that passionate football fans may not have the discipline to adhere to masking and social distancing requirements, and knowing that human nature suggests people will congregate in spite of the regulations.  This is why the Pandemic Response Guidelines (PRG), a document that was developed by G2 Strategic in collaboration with LaLiga’s Customer Experience Committee, emphasized the need to hire additional personnel that is well trained to manage crowd control, implement extensive sanitation protocols and, critically, to over-communicate to all fans, far in advance, the extraordinary steps that our clubs and stadiums are taking to convince fans that attending matches will be safe.  In the case of the Belgium friendly at King Boudouin Stadium, even with only 11,000 of 50,000 seats available, the seats did not sell out and 25% of the people that did buy tickets did not show up.

LaLiga clubs should take note – we must go beyond government-imposed regulations and assure fan safety for the entire journey, including getting to the stadium and returning home after the match.  We urge the clubs to revisit the PRG and develop a comprehensive plan to welcome fans back, including how the plan will be effectively communicated.

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